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The Construction Activities of The Mengtunhe River About Explosion-proof Camera Company

Life is not only the present work but also poetry and distant fields, as well as colorful company groups. In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, enhance communication among employees, and strengthen the cohesion and centripetal force of the company. Sichuan Xuxin organized a tour group construction activity with the theme of "Melting team, Beyond Self" for all staff in Mengtun River Valley of Aba from August 28 to 29, 2021 (2 days and one night). Let's review the wonderful moments of team construction together!

Game 1 Break the ice and set sail

break the ice and set sail of xuxin a explosion proof camera manufacturer

At the beginning of the group building activity, the small partners quickly entered the ice-breaking game, hand in hand, closing the distance, and deepening their understanding. We are divided into 5 groups, stage display team style, high cold serious, lovely funny than, rigid and soft and long. Each group style is very "chic"! Let's enjoy the achievements of cultural construction and pose of each team.

Game 2 Speed 60 seconds

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30 cards are scattered in a fixed area. The cards are composed of images or graphics, and you need to find as many cards in order as possible within 60 seconds.

Game 3 finger press beach landing

When there are only 6 finger pressure boards, the team members need to put their feet on the finger pressure board to pass the specified distance.

Game 4 Bonfire party

Night falls, after enjoying the delicious Tibetan hot pot, finally waiting for the passionate bonfire party. Under the red bonfire, Xu Xin's friends were singing and dancing, drinking and enjoying themselves.

Game 5 Walkthrough

walk through of a combustible gas detector manufacturer

After a night of rest and breakfast, we set off on a 5km hike that was all about nature, cascading waterfalls and turbulent red rock streams.


conclusion about explosion proof camera manufacturer

At this point, Asahi Letter technology 2021 Mengtunhe group construction activities have a successful conclusion. The construction of the tour group, not only reflects the company's care for the staff, so that the family in relaxes, edifies sentiment, enhances team cohesion and teamwork spirit, with more full of enthusiasm into the work, hand in hand to create a better future.

Have you had me, walk hand in hand! Let's add luster to the future of Xu Xin together!

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