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Precautions for Using Explosion-proof Mobile Phones in Petrochemical Zones

Understanding of explosion-proof cell phone

What should be noted when using explosion-proof cell phones at gas stations and petrochemical sites? We often hear about the explosion of cell phones, such as the related problems of not using cell phones or making calls in these areas, because many explosion accidents in gas stations and petrochemical plants are caused by the use of cell phones. During the use of flameproof mobile phone, especially when making calls, electrostatic sparks can be generated, which can easily cause explosive accidents in the presence of flammable and explosive mixed gas. Therefore, the birth of explosion-proof cell phones has also emerged. There are several types of explosion-proof cell phones, and the most commonly used one is the explosion proof walkie talkie and explosion proof intercom system, but using intrinsically safe explosion-proof cell phones does not mean absolute safety. We also need to pay attention to some issues during use.

Precautions for using explosion-proof cell phones

  • Choose the appropriate explosion-proof type according to your own safety needs. The non-sparking type can be used normally in explosive mixtures, while the intrinsically safe type will not cause explosions even if faults occur in explosive mixtures. The intrinsic safety level of the intrinsically safe type is higher than that of the non-sparking type, and the intrinsically safe type can better protect the workers' life safety.

  • The audience of explosion-proof cell phones is not as broad as that of ordinary cell phones, but their role is more important than ordinary cell phones. There are always people who make money through fraud, so when you buy a cell phone, you must check whether the cell phone is intact and genuine, especially the completeness of the battery and interface. If you purchase a non-sparking explosion-proof cell phone, you must pay more attention to ensuring that the phone does not malfunction during operation, otherwise the thermal or electrical effects it produces may pose a threat to your life.

  • The battery is the core of the explosion-proof cell phone. When using explosion-proof cell phones, do not disassemble the battery arbitrarily. It has strong adaptability to air pressure, and most of the operating environments of chemical, pharmaceutical, and petroleum industries will not affect its normal operation, such as underground mine phones for mine industry. Therefore, we do not need to worry about the battery or cell phone suddenly malfunctioning during operation. We just need to do what we should do.

  • Everyone must pay attention to the explosion-proof rating of the explosion-proof cell phone they purchase. According to the European explosion-proof standard, it is divided into levels 0 to 2, with Level 0 having a harsh environment where explosive gases are always present and there is a high risk of danger; Level 1 refers to components that may have explosive hazards during the work process; and Level 2 is a safe type, even if there is a hidden danger, it is only for a short time, and these explosive gas mixtures will not stay there all the time. Do not bring explosion-proof cell phones with ordinary explosion-proof ratings into Level 0 work environments, as this is playing with your own life.

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