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Explosion-proof & Fire-fighting Products Used in Mining Industry

Xuxin coal security's explosion-proof mobile phones and explosion-proof tablets can build underground communication systems and smart management systems for mines. Intrinsically safe handheld camera and monitoring instruments provide tool support for underground forensics and safety supervision. We can also customize personalized services according to the communication needs of coal mining enterprises.

Case Study of Explosion-proof & Fire-fighting Products in Mining Industry

Training For Explosion-proof Cameras

Xuxin Provides Professional Knowledge Training For Explosion-proof Cameras

Recently, Xuxin technicians went to Lingao Creative Industry Park, Nankai District, Tianjin, to provide professional training on the operation of the Excam1601 explosion proof hand held camera and KBA7.4 intrinsically safe digital camera for nearly 40 personnel of the Tianjin Safety Production Law Enforcement Supervision Corps.

Intrinsically Safe Instrument

KJD3.7 Mine Intrinsically Safe Handheld Terminal

A company in Liaoning needs a batch of mine-use explosion-proof panels with screens larger than 6 inches to carry its related software systems for underground transport vehicles and personnel. Manager Zhu sent a prototype to Mr. Chen, and tested it on the ground and underground to understand the performance of the equipment and check the communication status between the equipment. Mr. Chen was very satisfied and decided to order 500 units in batches.

Combustible Gas Detector Alarm

A Mining Group In Henan Purchased 300 Sets Of Methane Alarms

Coal mine gas explosion seriously threatens the safety of miners, and also brings serious economic loss and social impact to the country. Therefore, in the process of mine engineering testing, timely and accurate monitoring of flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful methane is carried out. Forecasting is especially important. In June 2020, an energy coal mining group in Henan purchased 300 JCB4(X) methane alarm instruments from our company after bidding.

Mine Explosion-Proof Smartphones Makes Underground Safety

Mine Explosion-Proof Smartphones Makes Underground Safety

In a mining operation area in Changchun, the distance between the bolts in the belt lane exceeded the regulations, and the workers' winch transportation was illegal. At the scene, these violations were taken by safety supervisors with Xuxin explosion-proof underground mine phones. And the pictures and texts are clear at a glance.

Importance of Explosion-proof & Flameproof Products in Mining Industry

The explosion-proof communication equipment and monitoring instruments independently developed and produced by Xuxin Technology protect the safety of miners, build a bridge between them and the ground world, provide software and hardware solution support for more advanced mine construction, and actively seek safety and happiness for underground workers.

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