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What Are the Uses of Explosion-Proof Mobile Phones?

Understanding of explosion-proof mobile phones

Explosion-proof mobile phones have no visual difference from ordinary mobile phones, but they differ greatly in the materials used and their physical characteristics. For an ordinary mobile phone, the following factors are the most likely to cause effective ignition sources: circuit short-circuits or electric sparks, internal or external short circuits of the battery, mechanical damage caused by falls or heavy impacts, failures of any possible semiconductor components, high temperatures, static electricity, etc. The body of an explosion-proof mobile phone must have some relevant information certified for explosion-proof, such as explosion-proof signs and the manufacturer of explosion-proof. These must be reflected on the machine.

Where do explosion-proof mobile phones need to be used?

As explosive mixtures are commonly found in coal,  mine industry-underground mine phones, petroleum, chemical industry, textile, food processing, and other industries' production, processing, storage, and transportation places, if ordinary mobile phones are used in these places, it is very likely to cause safety accidents with high harm, while explosion-proof mobile phones solve the problem of ignition sources. Therefore, the use of explosion-proof mobile phones in the above areas can stop dangerous incidents from happening.

Applications of explosion-proof mobile phones

There are various steel frame structure areas and tank areas in the refining plant area. In the daily inspection work of personnel, inspectors only need to bring a explosion proof walkie talkie, quickly describe the site problem orally, and upload it to the work platform with on-site videos or photos. It can enable departments such as the safety department to understand the situation in the first place, quickly locate the problem and come up with a solution.

In daily production scheduling, employees can also use the explosion-proof smartphone to join the meeting in real-time and dispatch production site situations to the viewers in the meeting. Meeting attendees can see problems, find out problems, and propose solutions at any time. Compared to general explosion-proof intercoms, intelligent explosion proof intercom system offer more diverse and convenient features, while still retaining the advantages of being small and portable. In the long run, the deployment of flameproof mobile phone can reduce corporate maintenance costs and solve the problem that traditional explosion-proof intercoms can only "listen" but not "see" in the past, improving the efficiency of information transmission through the feedback of data, videos, and images and realizing the circulation, management, and control of production data and equipment status information.

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