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Benefits of Explosion-Proof Cameras in Hazardous Areas

Many critical infrastructure sites contain areas classified as hazardous due to the high risk of explosions. The presence of flammable materials such as liquids, gases, vapors, and dusts makes most of these locations hazardous. The use of network cameras in these areas can improve the overall health and safety of the site by providing remote monitoring and maintenance capabilities, helping to detect and potentially prevent explosions before they occur or spread. However, specific monitoring equipment used in such hazardous areas, like flameproof digital camera, explosion-proof SLR cameras and explosion-proof law enforcement recorder, must be designed for explosion protection.

Understanding explosion-proof cameras

Explosion-proof cameras have heavy-duty housings or camera enclosures typically made of stainless steel or aluminum and certified for use in hazardous environments where flammable materials could be present. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) allows easy monitoring of all devices and processes from a convenient location. Thus, even in the most dangerous environments, explosion-proof cameras can be placed.

Understanding the benefits of explosion-proof cameras in hazardous areas

Essentially, hazardous areas are areas where personnel should spend very little time (if any), but it is important to keep them under 24/7 surveillance in case of emergencies with explosion proof products. Because of their versatility, explosion-proof cameras offer countless benefits that can drive end-to-end security from the periphery to critical cores in hazardous locations. These benefits include:

Remote monitoring

The use of a network video surveillance system allows operators to connect to real-time video from any authorized computer anywhere in the world. This is particularly valuable in hazardous environments as it allows monitoring and maintenance of facilities from a remote location. This means that maintenance personnel using explosion-proof cameras spend less time in hazardous areas, resulting in less downtime. High-quality images from network surveillance cameras allow for remote visual monitoring and verification of details for evidence, enabling operators to make accurate assessments of when and whether to re-enter for manual maintenance or to monitor anyone working in hazardous areas.

Video analysis for increased security

In addition to the benefits of remote monitoring, today's explosion proof hand held camera also have deep learning capabilities and advanced built-in video analytics that can analyze video and sensor inputs to detect abnormal activity, trends, and anomalies within defined areas. Motion analysis can detect who enters and exits hazardous areas or identify when someone is attempting to enter restricted areas. In addition, advanced video analytics can detect the presence of smoke or gas, and issue alerts to relevant parties to mitigate potential dangers before they escalate.

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