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What Should We Pay Attention To When Maintaining Explosion-proof Digital Camera?

In recent years, explosion-proof digital cameras in flammable and explosive places appear more and more frequently, in order to prolong the use of the camera time, usually explosion-proof digital camera maintenance need to pay attention to what? Follow the following small makeup to have a look!

Do Not Remove The Memory Card When Using Explosion Proof Camera

Do not be random, not to say do not remove the memory card, but to say that when the memory card writing data, do not remove the operation. In addition, it is forbidden to open the storage card slot to replace the storage card in IIC hazardous environment.

Battery Maintenance About Explosion Proof Camera

If the explosion proof digital camera is not used for a long time, it is recommended to charge it every month. If the explosion-proof camera battery you purchased can be removed, please remove the battery and place it in a cool and dry place when it is not used for a long time.

Do not wipe the lens with clothing.

When using explosion proof handheld camera, it is customary to pull clothes to wipe the lens, which is actually a very bad habit. First of all, sweat and stains on the clothes will corrode the lens coating. Second, coarse fibers may scratch the lens. Similarly, regular paper towels are not suitable for wiping lenses. Special lens wiping tools should be used.

the lens cover should be covered at any time, explosion-proof camera lens can not be replaced independently.

We all know that the lens is the expensive and pampered part of the whole camera, so get in the habit of keeping it covered at all times to avoid scratches, dust, etc. Due to the use of an explosion-proof process, different from ordinary cameras, users can not replace the lens of explosion-proof cameras, problems should contact the original manufacturer.

Get used to wearing a shoulder or wrist strap.

Camera in hand, easy to slip, especially the larger digital camera. Shoulder straps can help prevent accidents. If you don't like shoulder straps, you can also use a wrist strap, which is clipped to your hand.

Carry A Explosion Proof Camera Bag When You Go Out

After using the camera outside, put it in the camera bag to avoid damage caused by accidents.

Here I suggest that explosion-proof digital cameras are used in dangerous places. When you buy a camera, you should choose a formal explosion-proof manufacturer to buy it.

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