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How to Choose the Explosion-proof Intercom?

At this stage, there are various brands and models of explosion-proof intercoms on the market, but the performance is uneven, the basic functions are diverse, and the prices are even more different. So, how to choose the most suitable explosion-proof intercom?

1. The explosion-proof performance and sound quality of the explosion-proof intercom

In an environment filled with flammable gas or dust, explosion-proof work must not be missed. The explosion-proof performance of the explosion proof walkie talkie is a prerequisite for the normal production and manufacturing activities. It is the first and most important city wall to ensure the safety and reliability of the staff. Therefore, the walkie-talkie must obtain explosion-proof certification, and the explosion-proof performance can meet the needs of the site.

Voice call is the first and most important basic function of intrinsically safe walkie talkie. Clear and loud voice makes communication smooth and unobstructed, which is conducive to the improvement of work efficiency. The workplaces of the energy, petrochemical, emergency fire safety, and mineral resources industries are often filled with a lot of background noise. High-quality voice calls are even more required in high-voltage environments to ensure smooth and orderly progress in each production. Therefore, in the selection process, it is necessary to Pay special attention to whether the volume of the explosion-proof intercom is loud enough, and whether there is noise reduction technology to ensure that the sound quality is still clear in a noisy environment.

2. Communication distance and standby time of explosion-proof intercoms

Usually, the walkie-talkie does not have a clear communication distance in detail, but the key to determining its communication distance is the receiving sensitivity: the higher the sensitivity, the stronger the data signal penetration, and the longer the communication distance. Therefore, the explosion-proof intercom with higher sensitivity can ensure that the call establishment and important information transmission are more timely and effective, and it also makes the front-line personnel and organizations more secure and reliable.

explosion-proof intercom users generally need to work shifts, and emergency firefighters even need to be on call at any time, which is a big challenge to the standby time of the equipment. Therefore, in the process of selecting a walkie-talkie, it is necessary to consider its battery life, and avoid repeated charging that leads to a drop in efficiency and a lag in response, which can come in handy at a critical juncture.

3. Basic functional configuration of explosion-proof intercoms

In addition to the basic functions of intercom, there are many other basic functions of the walkie-talkies on the market at this stage to meet the diverse needs of users, so is the more basic functions the better? Not necessarily, but what is certain is that the price of walkie-talkies with more basic functions is naturally higher. We only need to choose an explosion-proof intercom whose basic function configuration meets the actual needs. For example, if the location information needs to be reported in a timely manner, the precise positioning module must be configured; in many processes, there is no way to keep an eye on the screen to determine the control, then the voice broadcast will be of great use.

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