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Correct Usage Methods for Explosion-proof Mobile Phones

Understanding of explosion-proof mobile phones

People who work in chemical environments may be hesitant to bring their phones into the workplace. There are many stories of workers cleaning oil tanks when their phones rang, followed by an explosion that took their lives. Whether it’s oil tanks in suburban areas or on ships, smartphones can trigger accidents in environments filled with explosive gases. Such realities have given rise to the emergence of flameproof mobile phone. Currently, the appearance of explosion-proof mobile phones is similar to that of ordinary phones, but their functions are simplified. Explosion-proof smartphones are one of the categories, and most people will buy explosion proof walkie talkie. These phones do not represent absolute safety, and we still need to pay attention to certain issues when using them.

Using explosion-proof mobile phones

  • Choose the appropriate explosion proof intercom system based on your safety needs. The intrinsically safe type can be used normally in explosive mixtures, and even if it fails, it will not cause explosions in explosive mixtures. The explosion-proof degree of the intrinsically safe type is higher than that of the spark-free type and can guarantee worker safety.

  • The audience for explosion-proof mobile phones is narrower than that of ordinary phones, but they play a more important role. Some people are willing to cut corners and cheat for money, so after purchasing a phone, make sure to check if it is in good condition, if it is genuine, especially the completeness of the battery and interface. If you purchase a spark-free explosion-proof mobile phone, be careful that it does not malfunction during work. Otherwise, the thermal or electrical effect it generates may pose a threat to your life.

  • If the new phone is in good condition, be careful not to damage it during use. If the phone falls from a high place, replace it with a new one. Once the surface or interior is cracked, its explosion-proof effect is greatly reduced, and it becomes no different from an ordinary phone.

  • The battery is the core component of the explosion-proof mobile phone. When installing the battery, make sure it is properly embedded, the surrounding area is clean, and the battery is packed tightly around it. Tighten the screws on the battery cover to about 80%, not too tight or too loose. It has a strong adaptation ability to pressure, and most industrial environments such as chemical, pharmaceutical, underground mine phones for mine industry, and petroleum operations will not affect its normal operation. Therefore, we do not have to worry that the battery or phone will suddenly have problems while working. Just do what we should do.

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