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What Kind of Mobile Phone Can Be Used in Gas Coal Mines Underground?

What is an explosion-proof cell phone?

What is an explosion-proof cell phone? A phone with explosion-proof certification and explosion-proof markings is an explosion-proof cell phone, while those without them are not. Next, let's learn about explosion-proof certification and explosion-proof markings.

Explosion-proof certification

Explosion-proof certification is the work of determining whether equipment meets the requirements of explosion-proof standards, type testing, and applicable routine tests, and issuing relevant certificates of conformity. The certificate can be for Ex equipment or Ex components.

Explosion-proof marking

Explosion-proof marking refers to the identification used to describe the explosion-proof level, temperature group, explosion-proof type, and applicable area of explosion-proof electrical equipment. Explosion-proof electrical equipment can be divided into explosion proof intercom system and explosion proof walkie talkie with flameproof type, increased safety type, intrinsic safety type, positive pressure type, oil-immersed type, sand-filling type, pouring-type, n type, special type, dust-protected type, etc. Currently, the explosion-proof marking with a high safety factor is the intrinsic safety type.

Can an explosion-proof cell phone be used in gas coal mines underground?

Gas coal mines underground are filled with coal dust and gas, which are flammable and explosive substances. Therefore, whether a flameproof mobile phone can be used in this kind of gas coal mines underground depends on the type of the phone. Non-explosion-proof cell phones that have not obtained the safety markings for coal mine products are explicitly prohibited from being used underground because they can easily cause explosions in these substances. Choose Xuxin Safety underground mine phones at competitive price.

However, explosion-proof cell phones with explosion-proof certifications and explosion-proof markings can be used in gas coal mines underground, and there will also be professionals to check whether anyone is carrying a non-explosion-proof cell phone before going underground, as there have been several explosion accidents caused by non-explosion-proof cell phones in recent years.

Sichuan Xuxin's KTW255 explosion-proof cell phone is a three-proof and explosion-proof smartphone that strictly complies with the intrinsic safety standards and meets the intrinsic safety design requirements at the circuit level, with a protection level of IP68 and can be used in coal mines underground with explosive mixtures such as methane and coal dust, as well as in Zone 1 and Zone 2, IIA, IIB, and IIC gas environments, and can also be used in combustible dust environments.

This phone has obtained triple explosion-proof certifications for coal mines, chemicals, and dust, and can be used in flammable and explosive places such as coal mines underground and chemical plants. The explosion-proof markings for KTW255 are coal mine explosion-proof: Ex ib l Mb; chemical explosion-proof: Ex ib lIC T4 Gb; dust explosion-proof: Ex ibD 21 T130°C, and it can be used in multiple dangerous areas simultaneously.

The KTW255 intrinsic safety phone adopts Android 9.0 system, domestic Tiger Bump T310 processor, with a 5.7-inch touch screen, a resolution of 720*1440, 6+128Gb of internal memory, and front and rear camera pixel resolutions of 8 million and 13 million, respectively.

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