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What Are the Precautions to Be Taken When Using an Explosion-Proof Mobile Phone?

The current market for explosion-proof mobile phones

Currently, explosion-proof mobile phones mainly include explosion-proof button phones and explosion-proof smartphones. Explosion-proof button phones will gradually withdraw from the market. Flameproof mobile phone is mainly divided into three-proof function explosion-proof mobile phones. Three-proof function phones have waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof functions, but they are relatively thick and heavy, not convenient to carry. Explosion-proof smartphones have added explosion-proof functions, and their configurations, pixels, networks are the same as ordinary smartphones, explosion proof intercom system and explosion proof walkie talkie have fashionable and lightweight features, and have successfully occupied most of the market for explosion-proof mobile phones.

Precautions for using explosion-proof mobile phones

  • Everyone must pay attention to what explosion protection level their purchased explosion-proof mobile phone corresponds to. According to the national explosion-proof standard, it is divided into levels 0-2. Level 0 has a harsh environment with explosive gases always present, which may be dangerous; Level 1 refers to components that may have explosion hazards during the work process; Level 2 is the safe type, even if there is a hidden danger, it is short-term, and these explosive gas mixtures will not stay for a long time. Be sure not to take an explosion-proof mobile phone with a common explosion protection level to a working environment in Zone 0, which is playing with your own life.

  • Explosion-proof mobile phones can only be used normally in dangerous environments, such as checking information, answering calls, underground mine phones for mine industry etc. They cannot be directly disassembled in the workplace. Although their internal structure eliminates thermal effects and static electricity phenomena and so on, our manual operation of removing the battery may still cause static electricity sparks and trigger explosions. Charging is also not allowed. The original charger should be properly stored and charged outside of the workplace. Do not change the charger at will, which may damage the internal power circuit of the phone.

  • The information identification of the explosion-proof mobile phone must be clear and visible, and it should be taken care of during use. They are the identity cards of the phones and are of great significance. When your phone has a problem, do not try to repair it yourself. Contact the merchant in time and let professionals check it. Depending on the situation, you can return, exchange or purchase a new phone. The explosion-proof device is different from ordinary phones. Disassembling it at will may lead to the phone no longer having explosion-proof function.

  • Explosion-proof mobile phones cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time, nor can they be stored in wet places with heavy rain. It can work normally in a temperature range of -20°C to 40°C, but prolonged use or storage in abnormal environments will damage its function. It is best to check it every six months.

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