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Difference Between Explosion-Proof SLR Camera And Explosion-Proof Card Camera

Many users may not know the difference between explosion-proof SLR cameras and explosion-proof card cameras, and it is difficult to choose when choosing an explosion-proof camera. Here is a brief description of the differences between them.

In explosion proof hand held camera industry, Explosion-proof card machines and explosion-proof SLR cameras are the difference between sensors, framing, control, price, and so on.

Explosion-Proof SLR Camera Sensor

An intrinsically safe security camera adopts a large-size photosensitive sensor, special high-speed processor, and efficient electronic circuit, which can obtain a relatively large photosensitive area and high picture quality. The explosion-proof card camera uses a small size sensor, the sensitive area is relatively small, the picture quality is more general, and the lens can not be replaced.

Explosion-Proof SLR Camera Framing

An explosion-proof SLR camera adopts an eyepiece optical view, relying on the reflector to refract light to the eyepiece to provide direct viewing, whAT-you-see-is-what-you-get, the sensor does not need to be exposed to light in real-time. An explosion-proof card camera adopts an electronic frame, which requires real-time sensor imaging to provide an LCD display image.

The operation of the explosion-proof SLR camera is biased towards the body keys, and the OPERATION of the LCD screen is less. The fuselage has enough space for both hands to hold, and convenient manual adjustment can fully reflect the photographer's intention. Explosion-proof card Camera body function keys are simple, LCD screen Settings touch operation, the automatic function is rich, the manual function is weak.

Because of the difference in the price of the prototype and the production of the explosion-proof design, the price of the explosion-proof SLR camera will be thousands of dollars more expensive than the price of the explosion-proof card camera. Explosion-proof SLR camera and explosion-proof card camera have their own advantages, explosion-proof SLR camera photography is more professional. An explosion-proof card camera is convenient to carry, and the price is relatively cheap, customers can according to their own needs, according to the purchase.

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