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What Are the Price Factors Influencing Explosion-proof Smartphones?

Now, explosion-proof smartphones have been widely used in various industries, but there are many types of explosion-proof phones on the market, including explosion-proof smartphones, explosion-proof smart terminals, and explosion proof walkie talkie, but the prices vary. So what are the factors that affect the price of explosion-proof phones?

Configuration of explosion-proof phones

Firstly, the configuration of each flameproof mobile phone is different. The higher the configuration, the higher the price. For example, different operating explosion proof intercom system, the size of the memory, and different types of processors will all affect the price of an explosion-proof phone. The explosion-proof rating also affects the price. The higher the explosion-proof rating, the higher the price. IP68 is a high-level explosion-proof product, and the price is relatively high. Of course, the lower the explosion-proof rating, the lower the price.

Smartness of explosion-proof phones

The intelligence of explosion-proof phones is also a factor that determines the price. Explosion-proof smartphones have their advantages, such as the ability to use network payment functions, download office software freely, and a higher pixel camera. Furthermore, the certificate of the explosion-proof phone is also a key factor that affects the price. We all know that a high price indicates high quality. The quality and effectiveness of different explosion-proof smartphones at different prices will certainly vary. However, for safety reasons, it is advisable to choose a guaranteed insically safe security camera when using it in a chemical enterprise. In addition, when selecting a product, pay attention to anti-counterfeiting marks and choose products with higher configurations.

Processor of explosion-proof phones

The processor of the explosion-proof phone is also essential. Whether an explosion-proof phone is good or not depends on its core components. The processor is like the brain of the explosion-proof phone, without it, the phone becomes just a "brick". Therefore, when choosing an explosion-proof phone, if you have requirements for the processor, you must choose a phone with a higher-level processor and appropriate running memory within the budget.

The camera of an explosion-proof phone is also very important. As this industry has many potential hazards, safety inspection is necessary. Whether during shift change or reporting the work to superiors, having pictures to show is better than anything else. Therefore, a good explosion-proof phone, in terms of taking pictures and videos, should have clear images.

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