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Explosion Proof Mobile Phone

Explosion Proof Mobile Phone

Ex proof mobile phone by increasing protection circuit, shielding and packaging components, using special material shell and other measures to ensure that mobile phone will not become ignition source, so intrinsically safe smart phone ensure the safety of users in inflammable and explosive environment.

Flameproof mobile phone and underground mine phones and explosion proof walkie talkie have been applied to oil companies, gas industry, gas industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry.

Types of Flameproof Mobile Phones

Explosion-proof Intercom Mobile Phone

Explosion-proof Intercom Mobile Phone

Explosion-proof intercom mobile phone also known as bomb proof mobile phone integrates the function of mobile phone call and intercom dialogue, meeting the needs of the minority who need both intercom function and call.
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Mine Explosion-proof Mobile Phone

Mine Explosion-proof Mobile Phone

Mine explosion-proof mobile phone can improve the efficiency of mine comprehensive management, improve mine emergency response capacity and disposal capacity.
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Explosion Proof Walkie Talkie

Explosion Proof Walkie Talkie

Explosion-proof intercom refers to the intercom that can work in explosive gas environment. It is suitable for the environment with bad environment and dangerous combustible gas or dust, such as petrochemical, coal, chemical, thermal power, food processing and other industries.
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Advantage of Using Explosion Proof Phone

Flameproof Mobile Phone Can Be Used In Flammable And Explosive Environments

Underground mine phones can be used in flammable and explosive environments, such as underground coal mines with methane, coal dust and other explosive mixtures, chemical industry 1, 2 area, IIA, IIB, IIC gas environment, and dust environment.

Flameproof Mobile Phone is An Independent

Explosion-proof smart phones have an independent operating system and independent running space. Users can install software, games, navigation and other programs provided by third-party service providers by themselves.

Flameproof Mobile Phone Equipped with NFC Functions

Explosion-proof mobile phones are equipped with NFC functions to help managers conduct inspection supervision and management efficiently and simply.

Flameproof Mobile Phone with High-definition Camera

The explosion-proof mobile phone has a high-definition camera. No matter day or night, when the inspection personnel find a problem, they can take photos and record videos for the inspection personnel to report in the first time.

Global POC Intercom Function for Flameproof Mobile Phone

Explosion-proof mobile phone has global POC intercom function, ending the distance limitation of traditional intercom and realizing global network intercom with infinite distance. It can carry out group call, single call, one-to-one text and text information transmission and video transmission with one key.

Flameproof Mobile Phone can Adapt to Harsh Environment

Explosion-proof mobile phone with IP68 dustproof and water level certification, adapt to the harsh working environment of coal mine chemical industry.

How Does an Explosion proof Phone Work?

Materials And Physical Characteristics of Explosion proof Mobile Phone

Ordinary mobile phones in the use of high frequency electromagnetic wave, will produce radio frequency sparks, friction sparks due to friction, equipment ignition sparks and battery explosion and other risk factors, and become the ignition source. Because explosive mixtures are commonly found in coal, petroleum, chemical, textile, food processing and other explosion proof products industries of production, processing, storage and transportation, in these places ordinary mobile phones become a very strong source of safety accidents, such as explosion is very harmful;

Explosion-proof mobile phone fundamentally solves the problem of ignition source, explosion-proof mobile phone and ordinary mobile phone appearance is no different, but in the use of materials and physical characteristics with ordinary models are very different. The manufacturer uses a variety of explosion-proof technologies, such as intrinsically safe circuits, limiting the maximum surface temperature of the case, and using "dust-tight" or "dust-proof" cases to limit dust entry to prevent explosive mixtures from igniting, making the explosion-proof phone safe to use in these hazardous environments.

Precautions For Use of Explosion proof Mobile Phones

① After purchasing a new handphone explosion-proof mobile phone, it is necessary to confirm whether the explosion-proof label content is consistent with the requirements, whether the explosion-proof battery (removable battery) model is consistent with the battery model labeled on the body label, whether the adhesive seal of each interface is damaged and deformed, and whether the interface can be effectively sealed.

② Explosion-proof mobile phones are not allowed to be used in explosive environments if there is physical damage, otherwise, it is easy to cause an explosion or fire;

③ in the installation of an explosion-proof battery take it gently, do not hit it, otherwise, it will affect the explosion-proof performance of the battery, keep the battery paste clear and complete; Make sure that the contact is clean and there is no foreign matter in the warehouse. Put the battery in a good position and make sure that the sealing ring around the battery warehouse is smooth and in place. After putting the battery cover in place, fasten it with screws.

④ Explosion-proof mobile phones can not be used in areas beyond the specified explosion-proof level, otherwise, it will cause safety accidents because the explosion-proof level can not meet the requirements.

How Does an Explosion proof Phone Work?
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Flameproof Mobile Phone For Communication In Hazardous Areas

The flameproof mobile phone, such as the Xuxin explosion-proof handphone, is designed specifically for communication in hazardous areas. These ex-proof smartphones provide a reliable and safe means of communication in potentially explosive environments. Built with robust and flameproof materials, they prevent sparks or ignition sources that could lead to accidents. These ex proof smartphones meet stringent safety standards and certifications, ensuring their suitability for use in hazardous areas. With advanced features and functionality, including clear audio transmission and durable construction, the flameproof mobile phone enables seamless and secure communication for workers operating in high-risk industries such as oil and gas, chemical plants, and manufacturing facilities.

Where Are Flameproof Mobile Phones Used?

Flameproof mobile phones, are used in various industries and environments where there is a risk of explosions or fire. These ex-proof smartphones find application in oil and gas refineries, chemical plants, mining sites, petrochemical facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other hazardous areas. They provide a reliable means of communication for workers, ensuring seamless connectivity while prioritizing safety. Flameproof mobile phones are designed to withstand harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, flammable gases, and volatile substances. Their rugged construction and adherence to explosion proof handphone safety standards make them essential tools for maintaining effective communication and enhancing worker safety in potentially explosive environments.

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No. 201, Zone 12, Haolang Science and Technology Industrial Park, Shuangliu District, Chengdu city, Sichuan Province, China
No. 201, Zone 12, Haolang Science and Technology Industrial Park, Shuangliu District, Chengdu city, Sichuan Province, China