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Advantages Of Explosion-Proof Intercom Mobile Phone Over Explosion-Proof Intercom

Explosion proof intercom mobile phone compared with the advantages of explosion-proof intercom, let's talk about explosion-proof intercom, explosion-proof intercom does not need other auxiliary tools can be intercom, but explosion proof intercom distance is limited, and explosion-proof intercom mobile phone is not.

An explosion-proof intercom mobile phone is a phone with an intercom function that is not the same because it belongs to the public phone, so the call distance is not limited. N19 explosion-proof intercom mobile phone, is what everyone says explosion-proof mobile phone with intercom function, can be used as a mobile phone call, also can be used as an intercom, using professional PTT button, support public network intercom, configuration 105dB high-power front speaker, to ensure clear intercom voice. Although the appearance is somewhat similar to the past straight-panel mobile phone, it is a 4G full network, which can be operated by buttons or touch screen, providing convenience for workers working in the factory. It is suitable for zone 1 and zone 2 with IIC, IIB, and IIA explosive gases, such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, natural gas pipeline, oil depots, tank farms and other flammable and explosive environments.

Advantages of Explosion-proof Intercom Phone

1. 4G full Netcom, you can surf the Internet and read the news;

2. There is no limit on the talking distance;

3. Intercom, GPS positioning, MP3, MP4, short message notification;

4. Wap browsing, mobile phone backup, number Bestong, MMS, BREW.

An explosion-proof intercom mobile phone can not be used like an explosion-proof intercom without inserting a card, but the user experience is not worse than intercom, because in addition to the intercom, but also like an ordinary mobile phone call, sending messages, use software, can be said to a large extent for the industry users save a lot of trouble. With the continuous development of our technology, the communication technology of these dangerous industries is also constantly improved, bringing us a new experience for workers in dangerous industries.

Traditional Explosion-Proof Walkie-Talkie Can Not Meet The Needs Of The Public 

Because of its disadvantages such as long standby time, limited communication interval, low voice quality, and single function. With the rapid development of the explosion-proof intercom mobile phone industry and continuous innovation of communication industry technology, handphone explosion proof  and explosion proof walkie talkie has gradually become a trend in the required fields and industries. Explosion-proof intercom phone can achieve unlimited distance under the network environment the intercom, fast, easy, convenient operation simple, information dissemination, not only can improve the efficiency of communication between team members can effectively improve the rapid response ability of emergency, are widely used in public security, civil aviation, transportation, water conservancy, railways, manufacturing, construction, services, and other special industries.

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