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Why Use Explosion-proof Mobile Phone or Blast-proof Smartphones?

Why use explosion-proof mobile phones

Equipping explosion-proof mobile phones in flammable and explosive areas has caused controversy. Some people believe that mobile phones should not be used for safety reasons in such areas, and explosion-proof mobile phones are not allowed. Others believe that  intrinsically safe security camera should be equipped in these areas. In the past century, when there were no mobile phones or explosion-proof mobile phones in flammable and explosive areas, when inspectors found problems during inspections, they could only go to the corresponding notification kiosk to make notifications, wasting time. Because the areas where calls can be made in flammable and explosive areas are far apart, people are afraid of causing explosions. However, flameproof mobile phone can provide real-time notifications, such as: Ben found a damaged valve during the inspection process, immediately took a photo with an explosion-proof mobile phone and left the address, and the maintenance department received the notification and went to repair it.

Explosion-proof measures of explosion-proof mobile phones

The essence of safety and intrinsic safe explosion-proof technology are used in explosion-proof mobile phones. For a mobile phone, the most likely factors that can cause effective ignition sources are: circuit short circuits or sparks, internal or external short circuits of the battery, mechanical damage due to falling or heavy loading, possible failures of any semiconductor components, high temperature, and static electricity. Intrinsic safe explosion-proof mobile phones increase the protection circuit, increase the distance between the lines on the circuit board, shield and package electronic components, and use special materials to make the mobile phone case to ensure that the energy generated by the electronic components in the phone is insufficient to form an effective ignition source even in the event of a short circuit or failure, thereby ensuring the safety of users in flammable and explosive environments. Explosion proof walkie talkie and explosion proof intercom system have been applied to petroleum companies, gas industries, natural gas industries, chemical industries, and pharmaceutical industries.

Introduction of explosion-proof smartphones

Explosion-proof smartphones refer to intelligent explosion-proof smartphones that are shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof. As the safety production of petrochemicals is becoming increasingly strict, instruments and equipment entering into fields such as oil, energy, gas, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals require the function of explosion-proof, mine and mineral industry require underground mine phones, especially for mobile phones. People can't live without their phones and need them for work, but ordinary phones cannot be used in flammable and explosive areas due to relevant regulations. All those who engage in flammable and explosive areas such as chemical and mining industries must use explosion-proof smartphones, whether for construction or pipeline inspections. Especially for explosion-proof smartphones, they can download software, connect to networks, take photos, and record short videos, which bring great convenience to employees.

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