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Why Are Explosion-Proof Smartphones Popular Among Workers in Hazardous Environments?

Explosion-proof smartphones are welcomed by workers in dangerous environments

In the chemical industry, more than 80% of production workshops contain explosive substances. When the concentration of explosive substances and oxygen is in the explosive limit range and there is an explosive source, an explosion will occur. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt explosion-proof products. So why are explosion-proof smartphones welcomed by workers in hazardous areas? Explosion-proof smartphones combine business, outdoor, industrial, and explosion-proof functions, which can adapt to extremely harsh weather conditions and specific occasions. They can provide solid security guarantees for frontline personnel and can be used for inspections, on-site inventory management, on-site material management, etc., while ensuring the safety of the production environment, such as underground mine phones for mine industry.

Choosing explosion-proof smartphones

Actually, explosion-proof smartphones are transformed from ordinary smartphones. As an electronic product, it mainly depends on the configuration, functions, and cost-effectiveness. To be specific, we can refer to several aspects when choosing flameproof mobile phone, such as whether they are explosion-proof, explosion-proof certificates, certification, after-sales maintenance, etc. In the chemical industry, life cannot be played with, so these aspects need to be clarified in choosing explosion proof intercom system and explosion proof walkie talkie.

The size of the explosion-proof smartphone screen is also important. A good screen is of course vital for people to view pictures and videos, and the clearer the picture quality and the more vivid the color, the better. Of course, it is best to be as "shockproof" as possible, not easy to break, and have three-proof features. The current screens of explosion-proof smartphones are IPS, OLED, and others. The characteristics of IPS screen are large viewing angle, high color reproduction, environmental protection, and power saving, while the characteristic of OLED screen is wide viewing angle, high response rate, and power saving. The specific choice depends on personal preference.

The processor of explosion-proof smartphones is also essential. Whether an explosion-proof phone is easy to use or not depends on its core components. The processor is like the brain of a smartphone. Without it, the phone will only be a "brick". Therefore, when selecting an explosion-proof smartphone, if you have requirements for the processor, you must choose a high-level processor with appropriate running memory within the budget. The camera of explosion-proof smartphones is also important. Because there are many hidden dangers in this industry, safety inspections are commonplace, whether it is handover or reporting work to superiors. Having an image to show is better than anything else. For a good explosion-proof smartphone, the picture and video quality should be clear.

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