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What is a Firefighting Motorcycle?

Introduction to firefighting motorcycle

Every year, there are small and large fires in some places. When it comes to fires, people always feel scared. The best time to put out a fire is just a few minutes. If you miss those few minutes, it may cause huge losses. Especially in places where fire trucks cannot enter. In order to reduce fire accidents, firefighting motorcycles have gradually emerged.

The application of fire fighting motorcycle is becoming more and more widespread. In case of emergencies, firefighters can quickly reach the scene of the fire through fire motorcycles, use the equipment equipped with the vehicle to start the initial fire fighting as soon as possible, and it is the "protective umbrella" of urban fire safety. In addition to the common four-wheel fire motorcycles-small fire truck, there are also two-wheeled-small rescue truck and three-wheeled fire motorcycles according to the different chassis.

Application scenarios of firefighting motorcycles

Fire motorcycles are motorcycles that are fixedly equipped with fire extinguishing or special rescue equipment that can extinguish corresponding types of fires. Due to their small size and good maneuverability, they are very suitable for carrying out fire patrols and firefighting and rescue in narrow areas or complex roads in ancient cities, factories, parks, towns, mountainous areas, forest areas and other scenes. Compared with fire trucks, all terrain fire truck is more flexible and faster, and can reach places where large fire trucks are not suitable or cannot reach. They can fight alone, fight together with two fire motorcycles, or help fire trucks participate in the fight together.

Design requirements and maintenance of firefighting motorcycles

Design requirements

The design and manufacture of firefighting motorcycles need to meet the requirements of standard XF 768-2008 "Firefighting Motorcycle". The body color should be red, equipped with police sound and light devices; the body frame and other components should ensure firm, uniform, and beautiful welding, and there shall be no mechanical damage and cracks.

Equipment configuration

Firefighting motorcycles can carry a variety of fire equipment. According to the differences in chassis and fire rescue needs, special equipment configurations can be made. Generally, mobile fire pumps, water, foam fire extinguishing devices, dry powder fire extinguishing devices, and fire axes and other firefighting and rescue equipment can be installed on four-wheel fire motorcycles depending on the situation.


After each disaster relief or exercise, the welding connections of the support part of the firefighting motorcycle must be checked, and the supporting stable angles of the rear shock absorber must be checked for any deviation and adjusted in time. In addition, the wear of the brake pads should be checked every 400 kilometers.

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