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What Are the Functions of Fireflighting Motorcycle?

When we see a firefighting motorcycle, we are attracted by its appearance and think it looks cool. However, we also wonder whether this small motorcycle can extinguish a fire.

Understanding firefighting motorcycles

Motorcycles are common forms of transportation in our daily lives, but firefighting motorcycles are relatively rare. In the event of a fire, time is of the essence, but in some complex terrain at the scene of a fire, large firefighting vehicles cannot enter, all terrain fire truck can sovle this problem. As a powerful component of the fast response firefighting system, the importance of fire fighting motorcycle has been recognized. Firefighting motorcycles are vehicles that can easily enter narrow areas to extinguish fires and are adaptable to various complex road surfaces. What can a firefighting motorcycle do?

The role of firefighting motorcycles

During the holidays, not only is it important to have fun, but it is also important to stay safe. In order to ensure the safety of people's travel and the smooth flow of roads, firefighting motorcycles can be used to patrol every scenic spot and highway intersection due to their small size and strong maneuverability, ensuring the safety of tourists' travels. At the same time, during patrols, the vehicle's USB or SD interface can be used to promote fire safety and fire prevention knowledge.

Perhaps in people's minds, firefighting vehicles can only be seen when extinguishing fires or rescuing people, but firefighting motorcycles are different. Not only can we see them during firefighting and rescues, but they can also be used for patrols, promoting fire safety knowledge, and during the epidemic period, they can also be used to spray disinfectant water.

Firefighting motorcycles have a fast driving speed, are equipped with a specialized water mist fire extinguishing device and a hand-carried portable pump, and are also equipped with dry powder fire extinguishers, fire hoses, DC water guns, fire axes and other firefighting equipment. In addition, the vehicle is also equipped with a hose reel, water spray gun, and can spray direct current foam or fine water mist. The hand-carried portable pump equipped on the four-wheel firefighting motorcycle, small fire engine can be directly used for firefighting or supply water to firefighting vehicles.

The small size and strong maneuverability of the small rescue truck make it suitable for sudden incidents such as fires in narrow areas in rural communities. It can arrive at the scene before large firefighting vehicles to provide preliminary treatment, fully demonstrating its role in street rescue and self-rescue and minimizing the losses caused by fires.

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