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What Are the Applications of Explosion-Proof Cell phones?

Understanding explosion-proof cell phones

Explosion-proof cell phones are designed for use in different flammable, explosive, and dusty environments based on different explosion-proof certifications. Explosion-proof cell phones are marked with Ex certification, indicating that they have passed national explosion-proof testing and can be used in specific explosive gas environments such as underground mine phones for mine industry.

Compared with ordinary phones, explosion-proof cell phones do not have much difference in appearance and usage, but there is a big difference in materials and physical performance. Manufacturers use various explosion-proof technologies, such as intrinsically safe circuits, highest surface temperature of the housing, and dust or dust-proof housing to prevent the ignition of explosive mixtures, making explosion-proof cell phones safe to use in the above-mentioned dangerous environments. Explosion proof walkie talkie also need to pass national explosion-proof certification by national testing and inspection institutions and national legal metrology institutions and have explosion-proof, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and other functions, meeting the requirements for personnel use in special hazardous industries.

Applications of explosion-proof cell phones

Explosion-proof cell phones are used for communication in hazardous areas, and they can meet the requirements when dust, steam, and liquids are present in areas where emergency communication is needed. Moreover, the market will gradually gain friction according to its requirements since it can keep data in hazardous environments. Explosion-proof cell phones are mainly used in flammable and explosive scenes, especially in hazardous places with combustible and explosive gases such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil depots, and tank areas. They facilitate timely communication between users and production and dispatching, and can maintain normal communication in hazardous work.

With the improvement of living conditions and the rapid development of science and technology, explosion-proof cell phones are not limited to communication, ordinary photography, video recording, fingerprint unlocking, Bluetooth, WiFi, and various scene reading and writing requirements. Explosion-proof cell phones can also be configured with GPS positioning and other functions suitable for outdoor construction, pipeline inspection, and can be matched with OA systems, inspection and positioning systems, data collection systems, and other applications like explosion proof intercom system.

When an ordinary phone receives electromagnetic waves, the electromagnetic waves will suddenly increase when answering the phone and using the Internet, and this sudden increase in electromagnetic waves can ionize the air, which can easily cause explosion accidents. Therefore, we often see prohibition signs of flameproof mobile phone at gas stations, and many petrochemical plants even prohibit employees from bringing phones into explosion-proof areas. With explosion-proof cell phones, all problems can be easily solved.

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