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How to Use Explosion-proof Law Enforcement Recorder

I believe that many partners have a great sense of worship for the police uncle, for their use of the law enforcement recorder is also very interested in it, but how to use it, for us do not understand people, is really do not know how to operate. Still, for the police, uncle is an easy thing. There is ordinary use of the recorder, there are also explosion-proof law enforcement recorders used in dangerous areas, the operation and use of similar minor differences.

An explosion-proof law enforcement recorder is a set of recording, flameproof digital camera, and digital photography functions in one, to the law enforcement process of dynamic, static digital record of the scene, and to ensure that the audio-visual materials are comprehensive, objective, legal, effective, is high-tech equipment developed for the actual needs of law enforcement departments.

Power-on And Power-off About Explosion-proof Law Enforcement Recorder

long press the power button for about 2 seconds and the screen lights up to indicate power-on. In any case after power-on, long press the power button for about 2 seconds, and the screen closes to indicate power-off. Short press the on/off key to turn off the LCD screen and enter the power saving mode in the startup or recording state. The same operation will turn on the LCD screen and exit the power-saving mode.

After the power button enters the standby mode, you can press the photo button, record button, and camera button to select the desired mode. As long as press the camera button, the machine will automatically enter the video monitoring state, and press again to stop recording. Press the record button and the machine will vibrate and record immediately. Press the photo button, and hear "click", which means that the photo is taken successfully, and you can take a picture with the same resolution as the explosion proof handheld camera state. Press OK to enter the stored folder for viewing. In the menu key, you can choose to set the number of consecutive photos and photo pixels.

When the battery is low, the red light of the machine will flash quickly and shut down. The currently recorded file is automatically saved. When the memory card is full, the blue light of the machine will flash quickly and turn off, and the currently recorded file will be saved automatically.

Infrared Night Vision Of Explosion-proof Law Enforcement Recorder

In the menu Settings, you can set infrared to Automatic and manual. The infrared light will not be turned on when it is used in a brighter environment during the day, and the image will be color. The infrared light will be turned on automatically when the light is insufficient in the "automatic" mode, and the image will be automatically converted to black and white. In Manual mode, hold down the INFRARED indicator button for 2 seconds to enable the infrared mode. Hold down the infrared indicator button again for 2 seconds to disable the infrared mode.

When the machine cannot work normally due to illegal operation or other unknown reasons. The machine can be reset by pressing the reset key (a circular hole, different models of the reset key position is different), after the reset can be normal boot use.

Explosion-proof law enforcement recorder as a kind of information equipment obtained coal mine and chemical double explosion-proof certificate. It has a built-in infrared function, high sensitivity shooting module and wide Angle lens, which is convenient to shoot in dark environments of underground mines and chemical plants. It has changed the situation of manual recording and video forensics in the past and realized the visualization of law enforcement management.

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