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Why Do Chemical Plants Need to Use Explosion-Proof Phones?

The reasons why chemical plants use explosion-proof cell phones

The raw materials used in chemical production are flammable, explosive, reactive, toxic, and corrosive. The basic processing methods involve mixing, stirring, extraction, and some chemical reactions in pressure vessels such as reaction vessels. Some raw materials and intermediate products in the reaction are flammable and explosive, and exist in liquid or gaseous forms, which are prone to leakage. If some process equipment and electrical circuits are not explosion-proof or have not been treated for explosion-proof, the leaked combustible liquids or gases are easily ignited by mechanical friction or electrical sparks, leading to fire and explosion accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to choose flameproof mobile phone instead of ordinary ones.

Explosions often cause significant loss of life and property. Prevention of material leakage (which is usually the cause of an explosive environment) and prevention of effective ignition sources are the most widely used methods to reduce explosion risks. Using the correct instruments and equipment can be more effective in prevention, such as underground mine phones for mine and mineral industry. An effective ignition source may be a combination of one or more of the following: lightning, open flames, high surface temperatures, arcs or sparks in electronic devices, sparks caused by different potentials, mechanical sparks (friction or impact), electrostatic discharges, wireless radio frequency radiation, and related radiation (lasers).

Using an "i"-type explosion-proof cell phone is essentially safe and has explosion-proof qualities. For cell phones, the following factors may cause effective ignition sources: short circuits or sparks in circuits, internal or external short circuits in batteries, mechanical damage caused by falling or heavy impact, failure of any possible semiconductor components, high temperatures, and electrostatics.

The role of explosion-proof cell phones in chemical plants

The use of intrinsically safe security camera in chemical plants can further address the company's production safety risks and improve the efficiency of on-site safety certification and approval. The "first scene" can be uploaded in real-time through pictures and videos to achieve information sharing. At the same time, it can meet the timely processing needs of the company's operation management certificates. It can effectively assist in identifying hidden dangers on-site, prevent risks, establish a sound safety production responsibility and management system adapted to new situations, and achieve data sources that can be checked, destinations that can be traced, and responsibilities that can be investigated.

The use of Xuxin Safety explosion proof intercom system and explosion proof walkie talkie in chemical plants can solve the problem that traditional explosion-proof intercoms used by on-site management personnel in the past can only "listen" but not "see". By transmitting data, videos, and pictures, the efficiency and accuracy of information transmission can be improved, and the circulation, management, and control of production data and equipment status information can be realized.

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