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Usage and Precautions for Firefighting Motorcycles

Introduction to fire engine motorcycle

Fire engine motorcycle may look small, but small rescue truck and small fire truck is fully functional. The body of the motorcycle is equipped with specialized firefighting equipment such as hand pumps, fine water mist extinguishing devices, fire extinguishers, water hoses and nozzles, and fire wrenches. In addition to the driver, two other people can also ride on the motorcycle, making it possible to quickly extinguish initial fires at the scene and meet the needs of tunnel firefighting, providing strong support for ensuring tunnel firefighting safety.

Uses of fire engine motorcycle

  • Fire fighting motorcycle is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, streets, hospitals, warehouses, civilian buildings, urban communities, rural farms, construction sites, beaches, grasslands, forests, highways and other places;

  • During normal times, Fire Engine Motorcycle can be used for patrol work in the streets and alleys;

  • When firefighting problems occur, Fire Engine Motorcycle can quickly arrive at the scene and get involved in rescue work;

  • It can also be used for the construction of mini-fire stations in various communities and firefighting safety key units to meet the needs of different regions;

  • All terrain fire truck can also be used for search and rescue in rugged areas, saving a lot of time compared to rescue personnel entering on foot;

  • The body of the Fire Engine Motorcycle also has a U-disk function, which can be used for publicity of firefighting knowledge during patrols.

Precautions for using fire engine motorcycle

Fire engine motorcycle is not a road-specialized passenger tool. After being modified for firefighting purposes, the whole vehicle carrying capacity is relatively large, and the vehicle type has its own unique functional structure. What should we pay attention to when using it?

  • When driving on soft sandy or wet muddy roads, switch to 4WD mode first. If the wheels slip or the car gets stuck, do not throttle for more than 3 seconds and take necessary rescue measures to get the vehicle out of trouble, otherwise, the clutch and belt assembly may be severely damaged.

  • Fire Engine Motorcycle should switch between 2WD and 4WD and lock the differential when the vehicle is stationary, otherwise the conversion motor may be damaged.

  • When switching gears, Fire Engine Motorcycle should be in a stationary state. After switching, observe whether the gear position display on the instrument panel is in the required gear. When starting, do not accelerate suddenly, otherwise the gears may be damaged.

  • After using the Fire Engine Motorcycle in a salt spray environment, it must be cleaned immediately. Special reminder: The vehicle cannot be washed with seawater, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life of the vehicle.

  • The vehicle needs to be regularly maintained as required.

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