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What Are the Performance Features of an Explosion-Proof Smartphone?

In recent years, explosion-proof smartphones are appearing frequently, but can they really prevent explosions? Many industrial sites have conducted experiments specifically to test the characteristics of flameproof mobile phone that meet explosion conditions.

Characteristics of explosion-proof smartphones

The biggest difference between explosion-proof smartphones and ordinary handheld devices is that they have passed national explosion-proof certification, while ordinary handheld devices do not have this certification. However, explosion-proof smartphones have the same data storage and computing capabilities as ordinary handheld devices, and can read one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, and RFID electronic tags. They can also communicate with other devices, have a human-machine interface, and have display and input functions.

Explosion-proof smartphones undergo special explosion-proof treatment, using explosion-proof batteries and explosion-proof circuit design. Explosion proof walkie talkie has smaller current, and even if there is a short circuit at one circuit node, they cannot cause explosions. At the same time, the explosion-proof handheld terminal shell is made of anti-static, insulating, and flame-retardant materials. According to the type of explosion proof intercom system, common explosion-proof types are: barrier, increased safety, and intrinsically safe.

According to the classification of electrical equipment, common underground mine phones are: Class I (electrical equipment for mining underground), Class II (electrical equipment for explosive gas environments other than mining and underground), and Class III (electrical equipment for explosive dust environments other than mining), of which Class II and Class III are divided into three levels: A, B, and C, with C applicable to A and B conditions.

Performance of explosion-proof smartphones

Smartphones used in hazardous locations need to have explosion-proof functions, and after obtaining the corresponding explosion-proof certificate from the national inspection, they can be used in the corresponding hazardous areas. So, what are the main performance of explosion-proof smartphones? First of all, explosion-proof function is one of the main performance features of explosion-proof smartphones used in hazardous locations. Secondly, protection level is also a performance that explosion-proof smartphones need to have, making them applicable to various harsh and flammable and explosive environments.

The functions of explosion-proof smartphones are similar to those of ordinary smartphones, with data storage and computing capabilities, the ability to read information, communicate with other devices, and perform positioning navigation and taking photos. They can be used for on-site production supervision, cargo scanning, smart inspections, on-site audio and video transmission, and cover production, research and development, supply, and sales. However, in addition to these features, explosion-proof smartphones generally have a certain protection level, can be waterproof and shockproof, and can be used in some harsh environments. They have been widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, and metallurgy, and hazardous goods transportation.

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