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What Are the Benefits of Explosion-proof Cameras?

Few other industries have been impacted as profoundly by automation technology as the chemical industry. In the 1960s, process values were still mainly handled manually, paving the way for today's plants with process control systems and central measuring stations. High-availability sensors and actuators virtually eliminate the need for on-site maintenance rounds: The chemical industry is highly automated. Cameras must operate reliably in places where humans cannot or only partially operate due to extremes of temperature or pressure or corrosive, acidic or sulfurous environments.

1. What is an explosion-proof camera?

The explosion proof handheld camera comes in a unique container. The camera and housing are suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. This means the camera system will not trigger the explosion, but will survive outside the cage. The cameras and enclosures used in these setups prevent surrounding gases or dust from being ignited. They either limit any explosion inside the device, or prevent sparks from leaving the device and causing an explosion. We don't usually care about sparks, for example, a household light switch might produce a tiny, harmless visual spark when toggled. This arc is harmless in typical environments, but it can cause an explosion if flammable vapors are present. Explosive devices can be present in various locations, including oil tankers and natural gas tanks, chemical processing facilities, etc. Explosions can occur because these environments can include flammable gases such as acetone, propane, methane, hydrogen, or coal dust, so explosion-proof cameras can applied to these environments.

2. The benefits of explosion-proof cameras

Explosion-proof cameras can protect your workers from disasters or accidents in advance and provide real-time assistance. Monitoring manager can monitor your employees and workplace through a continuous live stream, and if you notice anything unusual, you can ask your employees.

These explosion proof cameras allow supervisors or security experts in your business to watch the manufacturing process. You don't need to hire dedicated security experts to monitor your manufacturing/production process 24/7 as the video from these cameras can be seen anywhere. Not only that, but you can configure the DVR system of such explosion proof inspection camera to record and save 10 to 15 days of data.

Explosion-proof cameras are made of special materials with strong corrosion resistance. They can withstand harsh weather conditions. Therefore, they are suitable for use in the chemical, oil and gas, and drilling industries. These cameras can also provide additional security, protecting precious raw materials from vandalism or theft.

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