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Functionality of Explosion-proof Smartphones and Their Role in Hazardous Environments

1. What are the functions of explosion-proof smartphones?

The functions of explosion-proof smartphones are similar to those of ordinary smartphones. They all have data storage and computing capabilities, can read information, perform data communication with other devices, and can perform positioning, navigation, and photography. They can be used for on-site production supervision and cargo scanning. , intelligent inspection, on-site video/audio transmission, etc., covering all aspects of production, research and development, supply and sales. But in addition, flameproof mobile phone generally have a certain level of protection, can be waterproof and drop-proof, can be used in some harsh environments, and have been widely used in petroleum, chemical, smelting, dangerous goods transportation and other industries.

2. Shell design requirements for explosion-proof smartphones

In recent years, explosion-proof smart phones have been widely used in petrochemical, coal mines(underground mine phones) and thermal power plants and other fields. In order to make explosion-proof smartphones have better explosion-proof characteristics, many explosion-proof smartphone manufacturers are also very strict in the selection of explosion-proof smartphone casing materials. Static working ability to prevent sparks caused by friction between the casing and other objects.

3. The role of explosion-proof smartphones in hazardous environments

After the industry entered the 4.0 era, safety omissions, harsh environments, and inefficient manual inspections have gradually become industry pain points. In particular, safety issues in production in high-risk environments such as oil and gas fields cannot be ignored. If the inspection work is sloppy, there is a great possibility of causing huge safety hazards. Therefore, as a special operation area, oil and gas fields must complete daily inspections with high frequency and quality . At this time, the quality of intrinsically safe security camera used is particularly important.

Why do chemical inspections need explosion-proof smartphones? Due to the occurrence of various chemical explosion accidents, many chemical factories have begun to pay attention to the communication in chemical explosion-proof areas and explosion proof products, and explosion-proof smart phones have been widely used. In addition to basic safety calls and inspections, explosion-proof smartphones have become inseparable from the safety management of these industries. For example, explosion-proof smartphones can perform real-time positioning, keep abreast of the safety dynamics of staff, and can also establish groups to understand production conditions. It is convenient for the staff to report in time, and the staff can also take pictures and video cameras at any time to check hidden dangers, making chemical production management more scientific and intelligent.

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