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The Emergence and Intelligence of Explosion-proof Mobile Phones

The emergence of explosion-proof mobile phones

The reason for the emergence of explosion-proof mobile phones is because they are needed in flammable and explosive environments, such as petrochemicals, refining, pharmaceuticals, coal mines-underground mine phones, tunnels, and other places where electronic products cannot be used, otherwise major accidents may occur. But how to work, take photos, and upload and issue information in these places? Our R&D personnel tackled this challenge by conducting multiple experiments, modifying ordinary phones based on intrinsic safety explosion-proof design (which requires focusing on the capacitance and inductance of energy storage components, which will impede the current due to the characteristics of the inductance and current itself when the device is energized), and then sending them to professional institutions for testing. If they pass, they can be used in flammable and explosive areas. In essence, flameproof mobile phone is born out of industrial applications. Of course, there are not only explosion-proof mobile phones, but also explosion-proof tablets, explosion-proof cameras, explosion-proof terminals, explosion-proof instruments and meters, etc.

Explosion-proof mobile phones are ordinary smartphones that have been modified with explosion proof intercom system, integrating business, outdoor, industrial, and explosion-proof functions. The phone has obtained IIC explosion-proof certification and explosion-proof mark Ex ib IIC T4 Gb, which can be used in hazardous and flammable environments such as chemical 1 zone and 2 zone, such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, military, natural gas pipelines, oil depots, tank areas and other areas. The emergence of explosion-proof mobile phones has led to an improvement in efficiency in flammable and explosive areas, and also standardized the bad habit of employees bringing ordinary phones into flammable and explosive factory areas.

Can explosion-proof mobile phones download APPs?

There are types of explosion-proof mobile phones: explosion-proof feature phones and explosion-proof smartphones, explosion proof walkie talkie. The explosion-proof smartphones can download WeChat and various APPs just like the phones we use in our daily lives, but they have the added feature of explosion-proof capabilities that can be used in explosion-proof areas. Explosion-proof feature phones cannot download APPs because they are modified from traditional keypad phones and do not have the entertainment functions of smartphones. However, they are very cost-effective for grassroots employees, and making calls and sending text messages is perfectly fine, although the camera may have a low pixel count.

Our explosion-proof mobile phone is an intrinsic safety type of three-proof smartphone, certified for chemical IIC explosion-proof, and can be used in flammable and explosive environments in chemical 1 zone and 2 zone. The performance of explosion-proof smartphones is good, and they can be widely used in major flammable and explosive places, such as chemical plants, gas stations, natural gas and petroleum construction sites, and pharmaceutical factories, etc.

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