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Explosion Proof Inspection Camera

Explosion proof inspection camera, mode YHJ3.7, integrates digital video, digital camera, and recording functions in one, and can digitally record dynamic and static on-site conditions during the work process. Explosion proof inspection camera is suitable for coal mines, non-coal mines, chemical plants, and pharmaceutical plants, natural gas pipeline inspection, oil depot tank farm, gas station, terminal tanker and other environments.  For bulk intrinsically safe video camera at competitive price.

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Explosion Proof Inspection Camera Parameters

Explosion-proof Type

Coal mine: Mine intrinsically safe

Chemical: Intrinsically Safe

Explosion-proof Mark

Coal mine: Ex ib I Mb

Chemical: Ex ib IIC T4 Gb

Protection Class


Appearance Size




Operating Voltage


Maximum Operating Current


Battery Capacity




Digital Zoom

The lens can be adjusted far and near and supports digital zoom

Compatible Systems


Display Size

2-inch LCD Full HD display

Overlay Watermark


Video Recording

One-key video recording (in the power-off   state, directly press the "recording" button to enter the video recording)

Video Snapshot


Video Format


Video Shooting

Support 1296P HD shooting. And there are 6 resolutions of 2304*1296, 2560*1080, 1920*1080, 1440*1080, 1280*720,   848*480. When the video resolution is 2304*1296, 2560*1080, 1440*1080, 720*480, and 848*480, the video frame rate is 30 frames per second; when the video resolution is 1920*1080, the video frame rate is 30 Frames per second, 45 frames per second are optional; when the video resolution is 1280*720 and 848*480, the video frame rate is 30 frames per second, 45 frames per second or 60 frames per second.

Video Playback

It has 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x, and 128x fast-forward or fast-rewind playback functions, when Explosion-proof Law   Enforcement Recorder is playing back video locally.

Pre-recording/Delayed recording

Support. Under the resolution of 2560*1080, it can pre-record the video information for 45 minutes before and after the recording.

Maximum Logging Interval

The machine adopts automatic segment recording mode, and there is no interval between the recording time of two adjacent videos.

Segmented Video

This machine can set 5min, 15min, 20min, 30min, and other segmented videos

Photo Format


Photo Pixels

Maximum support 50 million pixels. And the effective pixel is 9472*5328,8000*4768,8000*4500,7808*4392,7360*4140,7552*4248,7104*3996,6720*3780,6400*3600,6144*3456,6016*3384,5344*3006,4608*2592,4224*2376,3776*2124,2688*1512   are optional.

Lens Wide Angle


Anti-shake Function

Electronic image stabilization

Shutter Control

electronic shutter

Exposure method


Audio Format


One-click Recording

Support separate recording, dual-microphone anti-noise

Infrared Night Vision

In the dark environment, you can see the face clearly at 10 meters, and see the outline of the human body at 20 meters.

Infrared Switching

Manual / Auto

Key Tone Off Function

Can be set to turn off the key tone

Vibration Reminder to Turn Off Function

Can be set to turn off the vibration reminder

Indicator Light Off Function

The recorder can be set to turn off the indicator light

Storage Capacity

16GB, expandable up to 128GB.

One-click Playback

The recorder can play back the latest video/recording/picture file with one key in standby mode

File Tag

The video that is being shot can be marked with the corresponding key, and the marked files will not be automatically cleared when uploaded to the background collection station.

Password Protection

Software password protection, anti-tampering, anti-deletion

Log Function

Documents are attached with time, product number, user number, and other information

Voice Broadcast

When the recorder is turned on, it can broadcast the user number and the hourly time signal

Laser Positioning

Positioning and shooting to keep the picture from shifting

Motion   Detection

After the motion detection recording function is turned on, in the viewfinder preview mode, when a moving object enters the shooting range of the recorder, the recorder automatically enters the recording mode.

White Fill Light Function

The white fill light can be manually turned on to supplement the light, and it can shoot normally in low-light environments

Parameter Settings

The recorder can set the recording resolution, the number of photo pixels, etc. 

Auto Save Function When Power Off

The recorder can automatically save the recording file before the power is exhausted, and then shut down

External Camera Function

An external small camera can be connected to provide a video source for this machine, and the horizontal field of view of the small camera is ≥140°

Power Saving Mode

You can set the machine's automatic screen off and automatic shutdown time.

Charging Function

The machine can be charged through the special adapter, computer USB cable interface, car charger, and other charging interfaces, and the machine can be equipped with a car charger.

In addition to intrinsically safe security camera and explosion proof inspection camera, The integration of explosion-proof digital cameras in industrial and chemical fields plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance of operations in these high-risk environments.

Explosion Proof Inspection Camera Features


One Button Recording

Under the shutdown state, directly press the "video" button to enter the video recording.


170° Lens Wide Angle

Support 1296P HD shooting.


Support Infrared Night Vision Function

Dark environment shooting more clearly.


IP68 Protection Grade

Suitable for coal mine and chemical harsh environment.

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