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Why Do You Need to Use Explosion-proof Walkie-talkies?

Most people rarely touch explosion-proof mobile phones. They can only literally understand that the purpose is explosion-proof function and can be applied to explosion-proof areas. As for the principle, it is impossible to know the specific characteristics of explosion-proof mobile phones. XUXIN will take you to understand.

Explosion-proof mobile phones refer to mobile phones that are used in different flammable, explosive, dust and other environments according to different explosion-proof certification levels. Explosion-proof mobile phones are attached with Ex explosion-proof certification mark, indicating that the product has been certified by the national explosion-proof testing agency and can be used in specific explosive gas environments. In industrial production, explosion-proof smartphones, explosion-proof function phones, explosion-proof walkie-talkie phones and explosion-proof walkie-talkies are all explosion-proof phones.

The principle of explosion proof mobile phone: explosions often cause significant loss of life and property. Preventing the release of flammable substances, which are often the cause of explosive atmospheres, and preventing the creation of effective ignition sources are widely used methods of reducing the risk of explosions. And using the correct equipment can be more effective prevention. An effective ignition source may be one or a combination of: lightning, open flame, excessive surface temperature, arcing or sparks in electronic equipment. sparks due to different potentials, mechanical sparks (friction or impact), electrostatic discharges, radio frequency radiation, related radiation (lasers).

Why do you need to use explosion proof walkie talkie? From the above, it can be seen that the use of explosion-proof mobile phones in special occasions is a necessary communication device, so the explosion-proof intercom mobile phone is a function of explosion-proof mobile phones, and it is more practical to use than ordinary intercom mobile phones. Ordinary mobile phone calls can only be one-to-one, while walkie-talkies support one-to-many call mode, which can highlight its advantages especially in the work scene of personnel scheduling, and solve the problem of division of labor and decision-making.

The explosion-proof intercom mobile phone can make calls without any network support, and there is no call fee, which is suitable for relatively fixed and frequent calls. In some special working background environments, such as very noisy production workshops, pharmaceutical workshops, the voice of the walkie-talkie is clear, which is convenient for communication, and the walkie-talkie can respond to all calls, which is very practical!

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