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Why Do You Need an Explosion-proof Smartphone?

1. What are the reasons for using an explosion-proof smartphone?

Explosion-proof smartphones refer to mobile phones that are used in different flammable, explosive, dusty and other environments according to different explosion-proof certification levels. Explosion-proof smartphones are all accompanied by the Ex explosion-proof certification mark, indicating that the product has passed the certification of the national explosion-proof testing agency and can be used in a specific explosive gas environment. Explosion-proof smart phones have been applied to oil companies, gas industry, coal gas, natural gas industry, chemical industry, and pharmaceutical industry. Xuxin Safety mainly manufacturer underground mine phones, explosion proof intercom system and explosion proof walkie talkie.

For production users in special industries such as energy, chemical industry, and coal, their working environment is often full of various flammable and explosive gases and dust. However, these gases or dusts have low ignition points and fast diffusion speeds. Once they encounter sporadic ignition points or even if there is no open flame, they are very easy to be ignited, posing serious safety hazards of explosion. Therefore, it is recommended to be equipped with ex-proof smartphone with explosion-proof functions when working in these special industries to ensure the safety of on-site personnel. 

2. What problems can explosion-proof smartphones solve?

In recent years, safety omissions, harsh environments, and inefficient manual inspections have gradually become industry pain points. As an important assistance tool in the field of security and public safety, explosion-proof smartphones have gradually entered people's field of vision. The safety issues in the production of high-risk environments such as petroleum and chemical industry cannot be ignored. By using explosion-proof smart phones, the staff can conveniently and timely grasp the operation status of the equipment and changes in the surrounding environment, discover facility defects and hidden dangers that endanger safety, and take effective measures in time to ensure that the equipment security and explosion proof intercom system stability. Explosion-proof smartphones can also ensure emergency communications for safety production supervisors, technicians, and operators in key positions to keep in touch during inspections, guidance work, production operations, and emergency situations in production explosion-proof areas.

3. How to choose a professional explosion-proof smartphone?

In the explosion-proof smartphone market, there are various brands and styles, which influence users to look for professional explosion-proof smartphones. We have a video about underground mine phones, click here for X12 explosion proof smartphone. So, how to choose a professional explosion-proof smartphone? First of all, users need to choose explosion-proof smartphones based on explosion-proof capabilities and protection levels. Secondly, the quality, price and service quality of explosion-proof smartphones also need to be considered, so as to ensure that once the purchased explosion-proof smartphone has any technical problems and after-sales problems, there will be a professional team to answer the questions.

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