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What Problems Can be Solved with Explosion-proof Smartphones?

The emergence of explosion-proof smartphones

Normally, smartphones are exposed to high-frequency radio waves, which cause frequent sparks. Friction can lead to sparks caused by mechanical equipment ignition, flame, and rechargeable battery explosions. Since flammable compounds are present in the manufacture, production, processing, storage and transportation of coal, petroleum industry, chemical plants, textiles, food processing and other manufacturing industries, flameproof mobile phone have become important sources of safety accidents in such places. If an explosion accident occurs, the losses will be huge. Therefore, intrinsically safe security camera has appeared in people's field of vision.

Problems that can be solved by explosion-proof smartphones

In recent years, safety loopholes, harsh environments, and inefficient manual inspections have gradually become industry pain points. As an important assistance tool in the field of security and public safety, explosion-proof smartphones have gradually entered people's vision. Safety issues in high-risk environment production such as petroleum and chemical industries cannot be ignored. Workers can conveniently and timely grasp the equipment operation status and changes in the surrounding environment, discover facility defects and potential safety hazards, and take effective measures in time to ensure the safety of equipment and system stability by using explosion-proof smartphones. Explosion-proof smartphones can also ensure emergency communication between the relevant production safety leadership, technical personnel, and key operation personnel in the production explosion-proof zone inspections, guidance work, production operations, and emergency states.

Explosion-proof phones are phones that can be used in natural environments such as flammable and explosive, smoke, dust and mine(underground mine phones). Explosion-proof phones are all equipped with explosion-proof certification signs, indicating that the product has been verified by the National Explosion-proof Testing Institute and can be used in special flammable gas natural environments such as petroleum industry, chemical plants, and natural gas companies.

Explosion-proof smartphones handle open flame issues from multiple aspects. The appearance design of explosion-proof smartphones is no different from that of general smartphones, but the application of raw materials and physical characteristics is very different from general models. Manufacturers of explosion-proof smartphones use various explosion-proof technologies, such as intrinsically safe power circuits, limiting the maximum environmental temperature of the shell, for explosion proof intercom system and explosion proof walkie talkie, and selecting "dust-proof" or "stain-proof" shells to limit the ingress of smoke and dust, to avoid introducing flammable compounds and igniting them, and to enable explosion-proof smartphones to operate safely in dangerous natural environments. Buyers need to know how to choose the appropriate explosion-proof smartphone for their company. When choosing explosion-proof smartphones, first determine how many flammable chemicals are present in the natural environment, and then divide the hazardous area based on the different types of vapors or dust.

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