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Can the Explosion-Proof Intercom Be Charged in Explosive Areas?

Understanding of wireless explosion-proof intercom

The scope of wireless explosion-proof intercom is relatively wide. Here we refer to all radio communication equipment working in the ultra-shortwave frequency band as wireless intercoms. According to national standards, they should be called ultra-shortwave FM wireless telephones, but people usually call the small and portable wireless telephones "intercoms".

The explosion proof intercom system adopts advanced digital voice chip technology, which keeps the sound clear and loud even in noisy environments, and is compatible with analog signals, saving customers the cost of upgrading. The explosion-proof digital intercom (explosion-proof communication terminal for hazardous areas) is suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2 explosive hazard areas.

The wireless explosion-proof intercom is a flameproof mobile phone that can be used for point-to-multipoint communication while moving. It enables many people to communicate with each other simultaneously, and many people can hear the same person talking at the same time, but only one person can speak at the same time. This communication method has different characteristics from other communication methods: instant communication, everyone responds, economical and practical, low operating costs, no call charges, easy to use, and it also has group call broadcasting, system call, and confidential call functions.

Can explosion-proof intercoms be charged in explosion-proof zones?

No, neither explosion-proof intercoms nor other instruments, equipment, and explosion-proof electrical appliances can be charged in explosion-proof zones. Explosion-proof intercoms are strictly prohibited from charging in flammable and explosive environments. They should be charged with original charging heads and cables in safe environments. The original charging equipment has gone through rigorous professional testing by manufacturers, and it is safe and efficient to use. If other "three no" products are used, irreversible damage may be caused to the battery, and even accidents may occur.

It is common knowledge that charging is not allowed in explosion-proof zones. Due to the presence of microwaves, there are dangerous factors such as electrical sparks and battery explosions, which become sources of fire and lead to accidents.

The explosion-proof intercom is certified with chemical IIB and dust explosion-proof, and the small and portable body has a long intercom distance. Even in noisy environments, the call quality is clear and loud, and it can be used on the same frequency as other brands of intercoms. It is suitable for flammable and explosive environments such as petrochemicals, gas stations, emergency rescue, hazardous chemical warehouses, natural gas inspection, pharmaceutical factories, etc.

The small and portable body of the explosion-proof intercom is not only easy to carry, but also resistant to high temperatures. It can be used in environments with temperatures dozens of degrees below zero and in humid environments. The "dust-proof" or "dust-proof" shell has a strong isolation effect on dust. The body structure adopts sturdy industrial materials design, which is more durable than ordinary explosion-proof intercoms, and the user experience in special environments will be better.

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