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KJD3.7 Explosion-Proof Tablet Is Used In Underground Coal Mine

explosion proof tablet is used in underground coal mine

Coal mine auxiliary transportation is very important for coal mining, and a suitable mobile vehicle terminal is a good auxiliary in this link. An enterprise in Liaoning province is in need of a similar project. It needs a batch of mining explosion-proof tablets with screens larger than 6 inches for carrying its related software system, which is carried by underground transportation vehicles and personnel. Then get through the underground transportation area and construction points, ground control center connection, to achieve data input, target positioning, and improve the coal mine auxiliary transportation and personnel positioning system.

Mr. Chen was introduced to our company by a friend. Manager Zhu and Manager Chen, who are responsible for the Liaoning region, have communicated and discussed this in detail many times. The operating area under the mine is far away, and the equipment consumes a lot of power. In order to ensure that the flat plate can work fully with electricity on the mine car, it is necessary to set an external power supply on the flat plate to complete the electricity on the car. On the other hand, the air under the mine contains a lot of gas and coal dust, when encountering arc sparks or local high temperatures, easy to happen safety accidents. Therefore, relevant equipment must pass the corresponding coal safety explosion-proof certification.

explosion proof windows tablet

Finally, the two sides decided to adopt the KJD3.7 mining intrinsic-safe handheld terminal, which is mainly based on the mobile vehicle-mounted terminal customized by THE KJD3.7 mining flat plate. When it is put into use in the control system of coal mining enterprises, underground workers can use the terminal to receive and allocate information. At the same time, the positioning of personnel and harvesters can help the management department to obtain comprehensive and real-time information.

Manager Zhu sent the prototype to Manager Chen and tested it on the ground and underground successively to understand the performance of the equipment and detect the communication between the equipment. Mr. Chen was satisfied and decided to order 500 sets in batches.

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